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How It All Began

How It All Began


The unwelcome number that gave birth to OT Miri. This is the number that stared back at me when I checked the status of my board exam results. I was 28 points short of passing. I was devastated.

I was desperate to pass and was ready to give everything I had to claim my title. But every resource had a price tag on it and the weight of the financial burden that came with the cost of the exam, in addition to the mounting student debt, made me feel like there was no light at the end of the tunnel. And I knew I wasn’t alone in feeling this way.

So I promised myself that if and when I pass the NBCOT® Exam, I would do everything in my power to give back to my community so that no other student would feel the desperation, loneliness and anxiety I had once felt.

OT Miri was conceived out of pain and inspired by the breakthrough I had with my own mental barriers and challenges…

What simply started as a desire to help others launched a worldwide platform where individuals can come together to connect, learn and share resources in pursuit of a common goal and passion. I have done many things in my life that give me pride, but none that gives me as much joy, satisfaction and fulfillment as witnessing, facilitating and supporting one’s journey leading to their dream.

Together with you, I hope to build a community of confident and compassionate occupational therapy practitioners, leaders and lifelong learners who are passionate and dedicated to promoting and advancing the profession of occupational therapy. 

Knowledge is Power


My mission is to provide you with quality content, resources and tools that are free and accessible, so that you will be inspired and empowered through every stage of your OT journey.

Get to Know Me

About Miri

Interests, Passions and Hobbies

I was born and raised in South Korea and immigrated to the States at the age of nine. I lived in San Diego with my family until I moved out for the first time to attend college in Berkeley, CA.
Favorite Occupation
I love to listen to music while walking, exploring and discovering new streets and alleys at home and abroad. The combination of music, movement and the steady rhythm of walking anchors me.
If there is one superpower I could have, it would be the power to heal.
A New Mom
My son, Noah, is my greatest joy and pride. When I try to conjure words to capture how I feel about him, words just disappear and I'm simply left with tears.
Favorite Artist
I love Vincent Van Gogh. The stories of his life are as inspirational and beautiful as they are haunting and melancholy. I relate to this artist on a profoundly deep level and look to his art pieces and writings to draw comfort and inspiration. One of the best trips of my life was when I went to Arles and Saint-Rémy in Southern France and retraced the steps of Van Gogh during his final (and most prolific) days.
Mommy to Maltipoos
Stella & Mochi. Their unconditional love and loyalty daily reminds me to love more, give more and forgive more.
A Wife
I'm married to a man who neither promised comfort nor riches, but who promised to always hold my hand in the dark. Life may have its ups and downs, but with him by my side, I know I can conquer all.
Favorite Music
I'm generally a happy person. But for whatever reason, my favorite music choices tend to be melancholy. One such example is Vitali Chaconne in G Minor by Sarah Chang.
Current Favorite Quote
"Love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is done well." - Vincent Van Gogh


Doctor of Occupational Therapy, University of Southern California
Master of Arts in Occupational Therapy, University of Southern California
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, University of California Berkeley

National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy, Inc.
Occupational Therapist Registered OTR®
World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT)
American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA)
Occupational Therapy Association of California (OTAC)

Community Service/Leadership
Rotarian- Long Beach Rotary Club
Docent- Long Beach Museum of Art