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I love MedBridge, have been using it for years, and recommend it unreservedly – so much so that when the opportunity came up for me to share my love for MedBridge, I accepted without hesitation and became an affiliate partner. With my Promo Code “OTmiri” you can get your MedBridge subscription for $225/year, which is the best discount rate available to individual subscribers. If you’re not sure if MedBridge is right for you, check out My Top 5 Reasons for Choosing MedBridge. 

**If you are a student, read on below to get a special discounted student subscription rate. 

For Students

For $100/year, the MedBridge Student Subscription includes everything that’s included in the standard MedBridge subscription with just a few small differences:

  • You will not earn CEUs (as they are not needed)
  • You cannot send (text or email) the HEP exercises
  • There will be a “student” watermark across the Home Exercise Programs (HEP)s
  1. Sign up here using your .EDU email address.
  2. Enter the Promo Code: “OTmiriStudent” 

If you’d like to read more about the benefits of having a MedBridge subscription as a student before signing up, check out MedBridge for Students.