Protect OT Miri

Monitor and Speak Up

In the past, and even now, there have been efforts to duplicate, re-word, repackage, distribute and sell OT Miri content. This hurts me and our community in 3 main ways:

Compromised Quality

I remain committed to providing you with quality content and have worked tirelessly to create resources that are valuable and meaningful to you.  When my content is copied, edited, and redistributed, it is no longer delivered with the cohesion and context originally intended. This ultimately compromises the integrity and quality of my work.

Unethical Use

Students who are just beginning their NBCOT® exam preparation may not realize that OT Miri resources are available for free, leading them to purchase reproduced content from a 3rd party. This has unfortunately happened in the past.

Security Issues

Individuals and companies have taken my work and uploaded them to insecure sites to mine data as well as to collect emails from thousands of students. The moment the OT Miri content becomes a tool to monetize, collect data, or to drive traffic to a third party website, it becomes a threat to our community.

Please support OT Miri by speaking up against these actions.

You can report unethical or illegal distribution by emailing

The future sustainability of this project depends on how well we, as a community, can safeguard and protect that which we value and hold dear.