My Story

I’m an occupational therapist from Israel. I studied there and got my license. I decided to move to USA and get my license here as well. I bought all the books and even took Therapy Ed preparation course. But unfortunately I didn’t pass the exam, so I took another one and another one… and after many more exams I was exhausted… In all of my exams I scored around 444-448. You can only imagine how I felt… after taking almost 2 years break from the exams I finally decided to give it another try,

I knew I loved my profession and missed working in it so much.

So I started to study again, with the books I had (but it was soooo hard), I didn’t know what else I could do to make things different. And then somehow I found MiriOt’s videos and FB page… That literally changed this whole “annoying exam I have to take” experience to discover the new way of learning (for me at least.)

I Changed My Mindset in the Way I Approached the Studying

Instead of looking at the material and trying to memorize everything, I tried to learn something new every day. I tried to really understand what I was studying. The videos that Miri has done were so helpful not only because they were funny, but also because they were very practical. I’m not saying that was the only thing I did to prepare myself for the exam, but I feel like changing my mindset and not focusing on putting myself down was the key point.

After taking 6 exams, this summer I was able to finally look at the NBCOT’s website and see that I passed! I’m an OTR : ) Thank you Miri for making those videos and being amazing! And if you’re now in the process of getting your license, believe in yourself and never give up!

Good luck- you got this!