First of all, I want to thank Miri for all her wonderful, hard work in creating this awesome website along with her YouTube videos. You don’t know how much you helped my class during the program and after! Your videos on SCI levels & RLA levels helped and entertained us. Your SCI portion on this website helped me during preparation for my exam as well. The positive stories right here in this section helped me stay confident.

Study Resources and Tips

If there is anything I want someone to take away and be encouraged by, it is this: never fail to maintain a level head. If you feel nerves about to creep up, don’t let them overwhelm you. You can’t know everything. I used mainly the AOTA Study Guides, some TherapyEd practice exams. And yes, TherapyEd is much more detailed and dense in their exam questions and throughout the entire book. I did not dare try to read everything but took highlights. On my first exam I scored 51%. Although the exams were difficult, they did help me understand and solidify some things a bit better.

That’s about it for now. Its such a relief to be done with school and move on to the working world. Thank you Miri! And future exam candidates, YOU’VE GOT THIS. YOU WILL PASS. And if not? The world is not over. Don’t ever let it define you.

Xhané Ervin