I was a nontraditional student – the oldest student to graduate in the COTA department at my college. Less than thirty days after I graduated, I was diagnosed with progressive prostate cancer and had to have a radical prostatectomy. The cancer had spread into the soft tissues of my hips so I had to go through brachytherapy. I did not do well with that so I finished up with hormone treatments. Then I had to go through urinary incontinence therapy because of the operation and the fact that I had a foley catheter in me for 5 months. All time spent on getting the cancer gone was 16 months after graduation!


Each time I took the exam I was within 5 to 8 points of passing and in my mind that was as bad as the cancer. I decided to wait six months before I took the boards again-  I was waiting to see what my 6 month check up was going to look like. When I got the green light from my oncologist, I found OT Miri and joined her website. The learning videos are really awesome but it was her demeanor that captured me. I felt like she understood what I was going through and her empathy towards repeat test takers was what convinced me that I could do it. I emailed her on occasion and she always replied with the kind of advice I needed, we are all different. I studied for 3 months after getting my clean bill of health, using OT Miri Videos and counseling from this community. And finally, I aced the boards.

I have shared this terrible story with you as an example of having belief in yourself and not letting negativity distract you. I was in my mid fifties when I went through this and I had lots of people telling me I was crazy.

Believe in yourself, believe in yourself, believe in yourself and let this wonderful community help you get through this.

Phillip Meeker