6 Tips to Prevent Therapy Burnout

Every new practitioner has felt it. The feeling of not knowing enough, not having enough support or not having enough hours in the day to finish everything that needs to be done. No matter how hard or fast you run, the clock ticks even faster. Suddenly, sleep becomes a luxury and you find yourself running … Read more

Point of Service: To Use Or Not To Use

Point of Service (POS) Documentation. To use or not to use: that is the question. It’s a hotly debated topic with polarizing viewpoints. Here, I will simply state the pros and cons of incorporating POS documentation based on perspectives held from both sides. ✻ What is it? Point of Service Documentation basically means that you … Read more

Top 5 Books For New Occupational Therapy Practitioners

So you’ve made it. You passed the formidable NBCOT® Exam and are now ready to begin your occupational therapy career. But suddenly, you can’t seem to recall half the things you learned in the classroom and you begin to feel the impostor syndrome setting in. Almost every new grad has felt this apprehension during their … Read more