Occupational Therapy in the School Setting

Are you interested in working in the school-based setting as an OT practitioner? And for those of you already working in the school setting, do you wonder what more you can be doing to advocate for your role and the distinct value of occupational therapy? If so, you have to connect with Miss Jaime, O.T. … Read more

Occupational Therapy in Home Health

When I think about the philosophy of occupational therapy and the important role we play in providing holistic, client-centered care, home health comes to mind. Home health offers a unique and intimate opportunity to work in the client’s natural environment without having to re-create the client’s context. As such, occupational therapy practitioners in home health … Read more

A Day in the Life an Acute Care OT: Guest Interview with Ashley Hayward

If you are considering an occupational therapy career in the acute care setting as a new grad, this article is for you. In this guest interview, Ashley Hayward shares her experiences, knowledge and practical tips that helped her thrive and successfully navigate the acute care environment in her first year. Be sure to also check … Read more

Occupational Therapy in Acute Care – Is Acute Care Right for You?

Did you know that Occupational Therapy is the only spending category that has been shown to reduce hospital readmissions?  According to Medical Care Research and Review, occupational therapy was identified as “one spending category that affects both the clinical and social determinants of health” and showed that “investing in OT has the potential to improve … Read more

A Day in the Life of a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) OT: Guest Interview with Mary Kate Carroll

In this interview, Mary Kate Carroll shares her insights and experiences about the SNF setting as a new grad occupational therapist and why she loves working with older adults. Be sure to peruse each section below to get all the resources, tools and knowledge you need to thrive! This guest interview is also available on the OT Miri … Read more