Study Smarter Not Harder

When I found out that I did not pass the NBCOT® Exam, I felt as lost as I felt depressed. Where do I start and how should I tackle the material differently to ensure success the second time around? How can I study smarter, not harder? Whenever I sought counsel or advice, all I was ever … Read more

How I Went From 422 to 488

One of the most common questions I receive is, “What did you do differently to pass the NBCOT® exam on your second attempt?” In this article, I will list and compare the timeline, resources and strategies I used to prepare for both my first and second attempt and show you how I went from 422 to 488. … Read more

Pacing Strategies for Exam Day

You have 4 hours to complete the NBCOT® Exam. Tension is high, anxiety is creeping in. What can you do to manage your time and pace yourself so you can successfully finish the exam within the allotted time? In this article, I share 7 pacing strategies for exam day, as well as time management strategies that … Read more