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I get it. School is hard. Fieldwork is grueling. Doing anything outside your required course work seems like an elusive dream or leisure you can’t afford. You see, school was a struggle for me. I felt like I was always a step behind, and at one point, I even considered dropping out of the program. So if I had known that there is an online educational program with in-depth videos and live patient demos, I would have certainly explored that option. 

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The Student MedBridge Program will get you started early in building your knowledge base and clinical skills so that you can feel more confident as you enter your Fieldwork Level II, NBCOT and ultimately your first job. My hope is that you will grow in greater confidence, competence and knowledge and I believe MedBridge could provide additional resources and tools you need to get there. If you decide for yourself that this may be the right program for you, you can subscribe with a discounted student rate of $100/year using my promo code: “OTmiriStudent.”

Follow these steps to get the discounted student rate: $100/year

  • Sign up here using your .EDU email address
  • Enter the Promo Code: “OTmiriStudent”
To get the student discount, you must register with a .EDU email address.

For $100/year, the MedBridge student subscription includes everything that’s included in the standard MedBridge subscription with just a few small differences:

  • You will not earn CEUs (as they are not needed)
  • You cannot send (text or email) the HEP exercises
  • There will be a “student” watermark across the Home Exercise Programs (HEP)s

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