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My Top 5 Reasons for Choosing MedBridge

If you’ve been watching my videos and following my journey, you know my passion for learning as well as my commitment to sharing my love for learning. Naturally, I spent a great deal of my time looking for a continuing education program that would grow my knowledge base, increase my confidence and enhance my clinical expertise. After months of research and careful consideration, I chose MedBridge and never looked back. Here are my top 5 reasons for choosing MedBridge.

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1. Learn from Leading Educators and Specialists

Every time I watch a video on MedBridge, there is a certain sense of confidence, pride and inspiration that comes upon me. Confidence, because I know I’m learning from the best. Pride, because I can see the distinct value of occupational therapy demonstrated from industry thought leaders. Inspiration, because I hope to be like one of them some day. Beyond fantastic occupational therapy specialists and instructors, you will also find quality programs and courses from leading physical therapists and speech language pathologists, making MedBridge one of the top choices for PTs, SLPs, and OTs like me.

2. Meet Your Continuing Education Requirements

With over 900+ accredited, online courses, interactive videos and live webinars, I am not only fulfilling my state and national licensing requirements for continuing education, but I have access to the tools and resources I need to continually improve my confidence and competence. And with new courses being added every month, I feel supported and equipped to hone my clinical skills and expertise, which is something I greatly value especially as a new, entry level practitioner.

3. Design Your Own Patient Handouts

Juggling work life balance is a constant challenge and goal for me. So, I want to make my work as streamlined, efficient and productive as possible without sacrificing quality patient care. This is where MedBridge comes to my rescue. With over 5,000 home exercise programs that can be customized and created on professional pre-made templates, I can design a personalized patient education handout or home exercise program in just a few minutes. Once created, I can text, email or print the handout. Oh, let’s not forget – I can also create and upload my own videos, which as you know, is something I love to do!

MedBridge has a Patient Mobile App that allows you to provide patients with access to short exercise videos from home. Mobile app feature is only available with premium membership.

4. Participate in Live Webinars

Recently, I participated in a live webinar for “Stroke Rehabilitation Interventions-Translating the Evidence Into Everyday Practice Using Specific Case Progressions.” This course was taught by a Certified Stroke Rehabilitation Specialist (CSRS) clinician with extensive training and certification in Neuro-Developmental Treatment (NDT). The course came with a downloadable PowerPoint presentation and a lively Q&A session. This webinar solidified all the reasons for why I continue to choose and use MedBridge as part of my professional and clinical advancement.

5. Distinguish Yourself with Certificate Programs

I am often asked how a new practitioner might be able to distinguish and differentiate oneself in a competitive and saturated job market. One of the ways I chose to differentiate myself is by demonstrating my initiative and commitment to learning and advancing my clinical skills through the MedBridge Certificate Programs. I just began the Dementia and the Capacity for Learning Certificate Program and am currently learning the cognitive training and task-oriented training to improve function in daily life skills. And thank goodness, it’s all starting to make more sense! So join me friends, and let us continue to grow in our expertise to provide the kind of care that elevates our profession and gives occupational therapy the recognition it deserves.


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For $100/year, the MedBridge student subscription includes everything that’s included in the standard MedBridge subscription with just a few small differences:

  • You will not earn CEUs (as they are not needed)
  • You cannot send (text or email) the HEP exercises
  • There will be a “student” watermark across the Home Exercise Programs (HEP)s

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of having MedBridge subscription as a student, check out MedBridge for Students.